About us

Gerrit Jan Klumpenhouwer started a tulip nursery in the 1920s. In the 1980s, his son Joop laid the foundation for the flourishing family business that Florex has become today.

Rooted in bulb expertise

What once started life as a nursery is now a site for the packing and distribution of flower bulbs, seeds, onion sets and growing concepts, which are supplied to major retailers across Europe and even beyond. We have retained our in-depth expertise in bulbs, however, and we use this to select high-quality products from the best growersand thus assure our clients of pure quality: from show-stopping flower displays to innovative growing concepts that reflect the latest consumer trends.

Rooted in green ambitions

Working with nature inspires us to make sustainable choices. The solar panels on our roof provide 75% of our energy requirements, for example. Our goal is to increase this to 100% and become fully climate neutral. Our new building therefore meets some very strict sustainability requirements. Thanks to a green outer wall of 500 m2 and a completely white roof, we require far less energy for indoor climate control. As a result, our annual reduction in CO2 emissions is equivalent to the emissions of 50 passenger vehicles.

Rooted in social responsibility

As a family business, social responsibility is already in our genes. Our products are a pleasure to receive, but certainly also to give, which we are pleased to do, generally by donating bulbs and seeds to workers at care homes and hospitals in the region. We offer pupils in practical education and people with a cognitive impairment the opportunity to gain work experience with us. We also support entrepreneurship via Oxfam Novib microfinance and, of course, we ensure a healthy, safe, and pleasant workplace for our employees.

Rooted in flowering for good

Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability and retailers who are able to distinguish themselves as offering sustainable products get rewarded for this,so it’s always in our interests to improve the sustainability of our business.But we do this primarily out of respect for planet Earth and to ensure a flourishing future for our children and grandchildren. Just like the first bulbs that Gerrit Jan once planted: the sustainable energy that we put in now will result in flourishing success for many years to come. The following independent quality marks and certifications guarantee the quality, sustainability and traceability of our products:

  • Stichting Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products
  • Stichting Keurmerk Bloembollen Holland [Flower bulbs quality mark foundation] (SKBH)
  • MPS Good Trade Practice
  • SKAL [organic inspection body for the Netherlands]