In the twenties of last century, Gerrit Jan Klumpenhouwer used all his savings to start a flower bulb nursery. The crisis and the Second World War began soon thereafter. 

His youngest son, Joop Klumpenhouwer, grew up during this difficult period. At the age of eighteen, he entered the flower bulb business. First in the region by bicycle, then the Netherlands became his domain by car. Borders were soon crossed and Europe and the rest of the world became his work domain.

Joop Klumpenhouwer has been in the flower bulb business since 1953. In these years, he saw a strong growth in business. His talent, knowledge and dedication were always appreciated by customers, growers and others in the field. Utilizing his vast experience and boundless energy, he started his own company, Florex. It quickly became popular among customers. Between 1988 and today, his daughter Josien and his two sons, Gertjan and Wim, joined the company.

Even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Florex established a subsidiary in Poland. This meant the beginning of further expansion of exports to virtually all countries in Europe.

In 1999, the two sons, Gertjan and Wim, took over the company from father Joop. Wim focuses his talents on sales and marketing. Gertjan is general manager. Josien also works for the company and is responsible for the development of packaging concepts. Joop retired some time ago, but continues to visit the company on an almost daily basis.

In 2009 Florex took over the leading company in seed products, J. Sluys & Zn. in Andijk. Due in part by this joining of forces, Florex became one of the leading companies in the field, expanding its range with even more seed products and premiums.

Today, Florex is the leading company in flower bulbs when it comes to successful concepts and product innovations. In addition, we have developed strongly in the area of 'grow your own': grow kits with seeds, and other products for the edible garden, such as onion sets, strawberries and seed potatoes.


Europe and the rest of the world became his work terrain.


Gertjan & Wim Klumpenhouwer

How we work

Florex is the leading expert in the supply of flower bulbs, seeds and articles for the edible garden to leading retailers in Europe. Our focus is on the development, packaging and delivery of quality products for the hobby gardener.


We help you to increase your turnover, improve your image and to strengthen the sales category together. Through intensive cooperation with large retailers throughout Europe, we have considerable knowledge of numerous retail concepts. We have experience in sales, technical and logistical experience in all European countries. Every season we come up with successful new varieties, packaging and product presentations. The starting point in all that we do is the highest quality for both flower bulbs and packaging and presentation.

We distinguish ourselves with the following USPs:

Successful concepts through knowledge:

  • of retail
  • of the (garden) consumer
  • through experience
  • of trends
  • of garden bulbs
  • of design

Innovative products through the use of:

  • the right creativity
  • the right varieties
  • the right combinations
  • the right packaging

Craftmanship, the motivation:

  • to deliver quality
  • to deliver on time
  • to select the best varieties
  • of confidence
  • of a family business
  • to impress         

Together with our customers we develop new and interesting concepts.





Our mission

Our goal is to inspire people to be healthy and enjoy what nature has to offer. Gardening with bulbs, perennials and seeds is a key factor in this. 

Florex wants to be part of society, looking ahead and with faith in its own strength. This requires it to be a sustainable, progressive company with a social touch. We not only want to meet the expectations of those involved, we want to exceed them.

Our team

Our employees

Gertjan Klumpenhouwer
Gertjan Klumpenhouwer
General director, owner
+31 228 5300.73

Wim Klumpenhouwer
Wim Klumpenhouwer
Sales director, owner
+31 228 5300.72

Arthur Gitzels
Arthur Gitzels
Export manager
+31 228 5300.78

Ton Huisman
Ton Huisman
Back office manager
+31 228 5300.76

Tim Kramer
Tim Kramer
+31 228 5300.79

Anouk van der Fluit
+31 228 760770

Lex Groot
Lex Groot
Purchase & Sales Benelux
+31 228 5300.71

Kirsten van der Pijl
Kirsten van der Pijl
+31 228 5300.75

Josien Groot
Josien Groot
Manager product & development
+31 228 5300.74

Karel Keesman
Karel Keesman
Purchaser packingmaterials
+31 228 760771

Anita van Meersbergen
Anita van Meersbergen
+31 228 760772

Dawid Czanguleit
Dawid Czanguleit
Warehouse manager
+31 228 760773

Our customers

Florex has been internationally oriented since its inception. In addition to the important domestic market, Florex works with retailers and wholesalers throughout Europe.


Its focus is on flower bulbs for hobby gardeners. These are mostly sold at garden centres and the better DIY store, but also at supermarkets, discount stores and agro shops.